ReSpun Retro is a sustainable fashion company based in Claremont California. Offering a collection of hand created one-of-a-kind jewelry for stylish, socially-conscious fashionistas.

Founded in 2018, by husband and wife team; Kevin and Heather Meier-Gonzales. Their vision was to create a unique artisan company focused on reducing the carbon footprint in the design industry. Heather is a retired design director, specializes in sustainable design, and metal work. Kevin, who focuses on the art of woodworking is a sustainable craftsman, and custom designs the booth displays.

ReSpun Retros collections are a reflection of effortless confidence, with a sense of fun and elegance. Their aesthetic is instantly recognizable; with custom made, locally sourced wood displays, with an ultimate focus on unique wearables. The team curates and rescues high-quality sustainable materials and turns them into limited edition, hand-numbered pieces of art to wear. All of their jewelry is made from sustainably sourced shells; precious stones, pearls, and all silver and gold is resourced from recycled, melted down and reformed metals.

The team never mass produces or make more than one of each design. All pieces are custom designed, hand crafted and original concepts.

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